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Pet Friendly House Alarm

For some individuals using a house alarm with a movement detector is next to impossible because they have pets. Attempting to use it in spite of this would trigger the alarm needlessly and constantly. To avoid this, pet owners will either turn off their alarms all together or not use the movement detection feature. The problem with both options is that they donít benefit the homeowner or make them any safer, which is exactly what a house alarm is supposed to do. Fortunately, there are now options. Individuals can purchase and install a pet friendly house alarm.

In the past, an alarm that took into account ones pets was unheard of. Individuals would simply have to adjust and forgo using their alarm or certain functions because they had pets. That was just how it was. There was no reconciling the fact. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Forward thinking alarm companies have come up with a concept that makes it possible for home or property owners to benefit from movement detection even if they have pets.

The new pet friendly house alarm will ignore objects of a certain weight, for example, anything 26kgs or lighter. This will cover most pets. While the alarm will sense their presence, it wonít be triggered and the alarm wonít sound. This allows pet owners to get a good nights rest without having to get in and out of bed to turn off the alarm because the family pet has tripped the alarm. They also donít have to worry about corralling the beloved dog or cat in to one side of the house to prevent them from setting the motion sensor off. Instead, they can rest assured that their alarm system is providing them with maximum protection (which includes movement detection) even with pets running around the house. They get the best of both worlds.

Today, it is almost mandatory to have a house alarm. Of course, no law requires it but having one is a good way to protect ones self and as well as one possessions. There are plenty of miscreants out there looking to make a payday off of another individualís things, the stuff that they worked hard to be able to afford. It makes little sense to allow thieves to steal valuables without at least putting up some resistance. A house alarm is one way to be proactive and to discourage the burglary of ones home. When thieves see window stickers or yard signs that are stamped with the name or initials of a security company, they tend to think twice about breaking in, because the likelihood that they will get caught, increases.

Once a person has recognized their need for an alarm and has it installed, they may find that if they have pets, they wonít be able to utilize all of its features, namely movement detection. This type of detection is one of a house alarms most powerful features. If someone beaks into a home and passes the movement detection sensor, the alarm will sound. Often times, this is enough to scare a burglar off. However, until now, if an individual had a pet, they could not take advantage of movement detection. That has now changed. Today, there are pet friendly alarms that wonít trigger if movements are made by object 26 kgs or less. Many family pets fit into this category.

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