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House Alarm Prices

Those looking for a house alarm will find that the prices will vary greatly dependent upon what type of system an individual wants. A homeowner that is interested in buying do-it-yourself (DIY) system which they can install on their own will pay much less money then a person who hires a professional company to not only install their alarm but also monitored it. Depending on which company an individual works with, the cost for equipment and the initial set-up can be pretty high, even hundreds of dollars. There will then be monthly monitoring fees that a homeowner will also have to pay as well. Having the system installed by a professional will obviously be much more expensive then doing it oneself. However, there are a number of advantages of professional installation and monitoring.

First of all, the likelihood that a house alarm company will install the system correctly is very high. Professionals from these companies will also be able to provide security advice and help the homeowner come up with a security plan that best meets their needs. A person that chooses to go at it alone may not be privy to insider security information that can make their home even more safe.

Typically, a professional home alarm company will send out someone to walk through the home, they will then discuss with the homeowner which parts of the home are most vulnerable or contain the most valuables and then discuss how security can be ramped up in these areas.

Besides the value of the initial consultation, individuals who choose third party systems will also benefit greatly from the monitoring that is offered. When a home is monitored, every time the alarm is triggered and is not shut off correctly and in a timely fashion, an operator from the house alarm company will notify the police who will be sent to the residence. If the home is burglarized while the occupants are there, an alarm allows them to receive help very quickly even if they aren't able to call the police themselves. As a bonus, many monitoring companies will also call the fire department in cases when the fire alarm is triggered.

Conversely, when an individual installs their own home alarm system without monitoring, and the alarm is triggered, they will be responsible for calling the authorities them selves. If they are not at home, they obviously won’t be able to contact the authorities and their property is at greater risk because the burglar may have lots of time to ransack the home

House alarm systems will be priced differently based on the features they offer. For example, a bells only system will be cheaper then a wireless or monitored system. Even still, most alarm systems are pretty affordable. A monitored house alarm system may cost between £800 to £900 pounds to install and then £20 to £30 a month to monitor. A bells only alarm system may cost about £500. Individuals can add a monitoring service for between £20 to £40. Before an individual decides how much money they want to spend, they should consider the value of the possessions they want to protect and which alarm system would best fit their lifestyle.

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