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Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarm systems are amongst the most popular alarms available. They have become extremely common because they have a few notable advantages, the biggest being that they when the alarm is triggered and no one is home to provide the right password, the monitoring service will alert the authorities. Hopefully, the police can catch the burglar in the act or at least scare them off.

Monitored alarms, of course arenít the only option that individuals have. They can opt for a bells only alarm, though in most cases, monitored ones are much more effective because they do call for help. Another huge benefit is that many alarm companies will contact the fire department if a fire is detected the home. In cases of fire, the sooner the fire department is called, the better the chance that a home can be saved.

Everyday, homes are broken into. Thieves often steal whatever they think is valuable in as little time as possible. Most times this occurs when an individual is away from the home, but robberies arenít unheard of either.

Not only does a person or a family suffer after their home has been burglarized, because they have had valuables stolen but many also suffer emotional damage. The loss of privacy and ones sense of safety can be traumatizing. Many people will feel extremely uncomfortable and even frightened to spend time in their home after it has been burglarized.

Some people will wait until their house has been broken in to before they invest in an alarm. Other individuals are more proactive and prefer to whatever is possible to prevent a burglary from ever occurring. We encourage the latter.

Whether a personís home is burglarized when an individual is at home or away, time is of the essence. The more time that a burglar has to have free reign, the more time they will have to steal stuff. This could end up being a lot of time if a personís house alarm system is not monitored. It may also take a while before a neighbor is able to figure out that something is wrong and call the authorities. There is a possibility that they may not call at all. Some may hesitate, figuring that they will cause more harm by calling the authorities, As a result, they may a long time before they finally call. By this time, ones home could have been thoroughly ransacked.

A monitored alarm system will drastically cut down on the amount of time that it takes for the authorities to be called. After the alarm has been triggered, the phone bank or monitoring service, will call the home to see if someone answers. If someone is home, they will ask them for the homeownerís password. If they are unable to answer correctly or if no one is at home, they will send out the authorities. The sooner they can get there, potentially the less damage will be done, in terms in the amount of things stolen.

Though monitored alarm systems cost more, (there is a monthly fee, and installation is pretty expensive) this investment is worth it. If an individualís home gets robbed, the benefit of the police being contacted right away and dispatched to ones home is definitely worth the small investment.

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