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House Alarms

A house alarm is an absolute necessity for most people. The benefit of having an alarm outweighs the costs. It will generally be much more expensive to replace items after they have been stolen from ones home then it is to protect them via the use of a house alarm. Below, we will discuss the risks that individuals assume when they forgo purchasing a house alarm.

a. Higher Home Insurance Rates: Many insurance companies will reward individuals that purchase house alarms. They might lower home insurance rates because the likelihood that a home will be broken into decreases when it is protected by an alarm. When an insurance company believes that a customer is a low risk, then they will allow them to pay lower rates. Conversely, if a person has not done anything to buttress their home or make it safer, they will be forced to pay higher rates. To determine whether or not an individual’s home insurance provider offers discounted rates for those who have a house alarm, a simple phone call is all that is necessary.

b. Reduced Sense of Safety: Not having house alarms can result in individuals feeling less safe. Working with a good, high quality alarm company will ensure that burglars understand the risk they are taking by breaking ones home. Stickers in the windows and signage in the yard, are ways that many security companies help their customers warn would-be thieves. Many house alarm systems will also notify the police if a home has been broken into for. For a homeowner, this can provide a great sense of safety and is typically worth the small investment.

c. Ones Home Being Burglarized: When homeowners choose not to have a house alarm, there is an increased risk that their home will be burglarized. This is because thieves will often stake out homes and look for homes which are not protected via alarms. They know that if they ‘hit’ the home when no one is home, there is little chance that they will get busted. Conversely, if a home has an alarm, then burglars may be less apt to break into it because they understand that if they trip the alarm, the police will be called. Also, the sound of the alarm may attract unwanted (for the thieves) attention.

d. Having to Replace Items Burglarized From Ones Home: It can be very expensive to replace items stolen from ones home. This is especially true if an individual does not have home insurance. Even in cases when they do, sentimental items can not be replaced. It is much better to try to keep the bad guys out then it is to have to replace valuable and personal possessions.

e. Bodily Harm Caused by Violent Intruders: Sometimes burglars break into homes when the occupants are there. This can be quite dangerous because the intruders might become violent. When this occurs, the potential for bodily harm exists. In worse case scenarios, someone may be killed. Having an alarm and then posting that information via a sign or sticker can discourage intruders from breaking in. They will want to lessen the risk of getting caught and instead choose a home that doesn’t have an alarm system.

Having a house alarm installed is very important. Individuals who refuse to get one put themselves at an increased risk of having their homes broken into and their possessions stolen.

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