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House Alarm Systems

House alarms can have a big impact on whether a personís home becomes a target for thieves. Burglaries tend to more often break into homes without an alarm system installed. This is largely because the threat of them being caught increases quite a bit. The loud sirens and the possibility of the authorities being sent to a home tend to discourage thieves from breaking into abodes with alarms. Of course, this isnít always the case. There are those people who donít mind testing the limits and seeing what they can get away with. However, all-in-all, studies show that simply having a house alarm system can decrease the likelihood that ones house is robbed by at least 64%. This is a very significant amount.

There are different types of house alarm systems. However, though some will have different features and capabilities, the goal is the same, to prevent or thwart burglary. Available house alarm systems include wireless, bells only and monitored. Each of these has distinct advantages and helps curtail theft in its own way. Letís discuss exactly each of these alarm systems distinctively help to ďfightĒ crime.

Wireless Alarm Systems This particular system is unique because it can be used even without a phone line. If a burglar cuts the phone line, the siren will still sound, the homeowner will be contacted and if the alarm is monitored, the authorities called. Wireless house alarm systems can be installed by the homeowner and it can be bells only, meaning that the siren will sound when an intruder enters the house but nothing else will happen. Individuals with this type of alarm may however, choose to have it monitored for a nominal monthly fee.

Bells Only: This type of alarms only defense is the siren. Homeowners are counting on this to scare burglars away. Many times this is enough. Because a burglar doesnít know if a house alarm is monitored or not, once they trigger the alarm they wonít know if the police are on their way. This is often enough to motivate them to flee the premises. They might also be scared away after realizing that the people who live in the house know that they are there.

Monitored Alarms: These tend to offer the best of both worlds. They have a siren and the authorities will also be dispatched to the home. An added bonus is that many systems will contact the fire department if the fire alarm sounds. Monitored systems require a monthly fee. It typically is pretty affordable, often falling into the £20 to £30 range. This relatively small investment is worth the peace of mind it provides for some people.

There are a number of house alarm systems. Though they will differ in some ways, particularly as it concerns price, set up and monitoring, the goal of each system is the same, to alert the homeowner and sometimes the authority about the presence of an intruder. House alarm systems are designed to decrease crime and theft by discouraging burglars from targeting particular homes and by catching them in the act. Loud sirens and calls to the authority, via alarm systems are often times very effective in keeping intruders away.

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